Who we are. Question Box. Multidisciplinary experts in qualitative market research
Nuestro enfoque se basa en el pensamiento creativo y atrevido en todo el proceso de Investigación con la clara misión de “ir más allá“. Nos importan nuestros clientes y cuidamos de sus marcas y proyectos... y siempre creemos que el valor está en las personas. Estamos aquí y allá, basados en España y formando parte de proyectos internacionales como Partners long term.
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Everyone connected with everyone

We live in a hyper-connected world, which turns research

into a process of “people meeting people”.

The Question Box team is amazed by society, cultures

and brands. We believe that success lies in finding

strategies that connect with people

The Team



As a teenager, Jesús was amazed by trends, people’s consumption behaviours in shopping and leisure, brands that came and went… That’s what led him to study Sociology. From there, the path was clear: to become an analyst of social reality, trends and consumption. He made it to the battlefield in the late 90s: recruiting, interviewing, doing ethnos of all kinds… Now, 20 years later, he is still doing what he loves as a qualitative project manager. Outside the office, but always with the social radar on, he is a huge fan of sneakers, music festivals, yoga and his partner’s travel blog. He can’t stand reggaeton, crowds and me toos.

Jesus Ibañez


Carlos became certain that market research was his thing during his freshman year at the Complutense University of Madrid, where he studied Sociology. Before becoming a Questioner he spent almost 10 years in the world of research, where hard work gained him a qualitative personality, becoming an expert in a long list of sectors, from leisure (here, spirits, American diners or tobacco, to name a few, keep nurturing his interest in people) to the world of technology, where smartphones and videogames lead the pack. He is also not unfamiliar with the world of banking and investments. When he is not working, you can easily spot him in his football clothes. He enjoys playing midfield, since this position provides a 360º view of the game. Outside the playing field you can find him pen in hand, writing short novels that he perfects at a literary workshop. There, he shares and gains knowledge on the art of words. And, of course, he is often seen enjoying a good lager, or the newly discovered, hop-flavoured Ipas -- a new world unfolds!

Carlos Valle-Inclan


Certified Collaborators


Expert on the street, casual interactions, guerrilla and in situ recruitment

Street Fighter


Expert on decoration, feminine care products and the latest women’s trends

Female Expert


Expert on the other side of clients. A much-needed marketing approach when it comes to fine-tuning research

Brand Consultant


Expert on kids and teens and their particular rules of the game. Dynamic and empathetic

Kid's Eye