What we do. Question Box. Insights, strategy and innovation
Nuestro enfoque se basa en el pensamiento creativo y atrevido en todo el proceso de Investigación con la clara misión de “ir más allá“. Nos importan nuestros clientes y cuidamos de sus marcas y proyectos... y siempre creemos que el valor está en las personas. Estamos aquí y allá, basados en España y formando parte de proyectos internacionales como Partners long term.
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It’s all about the Insight

It is believed that the invention of the wheel –which, by the way, was

admirably well thought through by prehistoric people– was triggered by a

big insight: the need for tribes to move their settlements away from the rivers

At Question Box, we believe that big insights really do make the world go round

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It’s all about the Insight

Question Box unveils powerful insights through the understanding and painstaking analysis of people and their cultures.

Meticulous work based on brand expertise + moderation skills + round and round analysis + sector knowledge


Smart Thinking in motion

Question Box gives shape to insights in order to generate brand opportunities and overcome problems

This fine-tuning relies on the input of experts – here, the whole is more than the sum of its parts


Route maps and action plans

Question Box drafts and scales the brand’s future strategies, pointing the way to the position it sets out to achieve

A ‘collaborative’ journey with our brand partners to pursue their business goals