Round’n Round Qualitative Research


This is probably found in any researcher’s DNA. But in our case, it’s an obsession!


Our approach is based on bold, creative thinking throughout the research process,
with a view to go the extra mile. Our clients matter to us and we take good care of their brands and projects…
We firmly believe that the value lies in people. You’ll find us here and there; we are based in Spain but also take part in international
projects as long-term partners.

Our approach

It is all about the Insight

It is believed that the invention of the wheel –which, by the way, was admirably well thought through by prehistoric people– was triggered by a big insight: the need for tribes to move their settlements away from the rivers.

At Question Box, we believe that big insights really do make the world go round.

Methodology and tools

The complexity of simplicity

The clock is a clear example of complexity that users do not notice, thanks to the simplicity of its use.

At Question Box, there is no project too complex or too simple for us to handle, thanks to our range of innovative techniques. We offer partner solutions for both big corporations and small businesses.

Team and members

Everyone connected with everyone

We live in a hyper-connected world, which turns research into a process of “people meeting people”.

The Question Box team is amazed by society, cultures and brands. We believe that success lies in finding strategies that connect with people.


Our clients

Perfect harmony

Did you know that the insides of igloos melt and freeze at the same time, maintaining the exact conditions to keep Eskimos comfortable?

At Question Box, we are sensitive to our client’s needs because we care about their brands and the people behind them.





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